Welcome to the Harris County Republican Party’s official web site.  Harris County is a growing county that currently has 29,000 residents, but is projected to have 100,000 residents by 2030.  The Republican revolution in Georgia and the South began in Harris County.  In 1964, Howard “Bo” Callaway was elected as the first Republican Congressman from Georgia since 1875.  Two years later he ran for Governor.  During that run for Governor the Georgia Republican Party was born.  It has continued to grow and today controls the Governor’s office and both houses of the State legislature.  On the national level we have two Republican Senators and 9 out of 14 members of the House of Representatives.  Locally, we are very proud that today, we are one of the most Republican counties in the state and all but one elected official who represents the county is a Republican.


August Meeting

August 20,2015.  General Meeting: Located at VFW, 725 Hwy 27 in Cataula, Georgia,  Meet and Greet at 6:00 pm and Meeting begins at 6:30 pm.  Meals, Snacks, and Beverages available.  


July Meeting

Randall Carlson did a great job, everyone listened intently to the....

 Climate Change: The Real Deal

     For several decades now we have been bombarded with hysteria about, first, “global warming,” which then became “climate change,” and then “climate disruption.” Claims are made that the science is settled, that the debate about climate change is over and anyone who questions the “consensus” emerging from government funded climate research is a “climate denier” or, absurdly, a “denialist” and no more credible than someone who believes the earth is flat. Smear campaigns have been mounted against reputable scientists who question, challenge or criticize this sacrosanct consensus. A disparate group of environmentalists and left wing politicians and their supporters have coalesced around this issue and see it as a means to effect a massive program of social engineering. Alternative energy interests have endorsed the global warming claims as a means to further their economic advantage. Large moneyed interests see economic gain accruing from climate change “remedies” like Cap and Trade schemes. Politicians are salivating over the prospect of the billions of dollars that can be reaped through implementation of carbon taxes. In short, vested interests have closed ranks in an effort to stifle honest debate.

     So what is the real story of climate change? Randall Carlson has spent years in the study of climate and has put together a multi-media show to educate people about the science behind one of the great controversies of our time. He has no agenda of his own other than to stimulate interest, debate and discussion of a topic which, he believes, deserves a much higher priority and may prove to have enormous implications for the future. While his research does not support the claims put forth by Al Gore and other believers in CAGW (catastrophic anthropogenic global warming) you may be surprised at what the evidence does show. Randall has a compelling and fascinating presentation that deserves a wide hearing.


We are a grassroots organization and would really appreciate input about issues/concerns that we can take to the conventions.

Also, if anyone has any ideas on what kind of programs and/or speakers to have for future meetings, please e-mail or call John Knop at 404-247-4797 or email



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SILVER :   Jessie & Marge Brock, Mark & Jenny Eckman, Emory and Vickie Jamerson, Mark & Donna Post, Jim & Carol Woods



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